Kodo Assets Launches Asset Tokenization Opportunities in Sao Paulo

Kodo Assets, a Brazil-based real-estate tokenization driven company has launched asset tokenization opportunities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The real estate market is one of the most traditional economic sectors in the world. Considered a safe investment with a guaranteed return, it is seen as a great balancer of investment portfolios.


However, it is important to have relevant information about the real estate development process in a given location. In other words, what sometimes presents itself as the hype of the moment, may be nothing more than an outdated opportunity.


However, Brazil, more specifically São Paulo, is at the beginning of a wave of appreciation and opportunities in the medium to long term.



Peculiarities and similarities – from São Paulo to the world


The city of São Paulo is the largest financial capital in Brazil and one of the largest in the world, and can be compared to Chicago, Lisbon, or Mexico City, in importance or as a business hub. In other words, it’s a place worth investing in.


Newspaper articles disseminate reliable surveys that show a significant increase in values related to the local real estate market, demonstrating that São Paulo has a lot to offer for its investors.


In these indexes, the annual growth is almost 20%, a record if analyzed the indexes of previous years, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. Another attractive indicator is the monthly return index, which registered an increase of 5%.


Levels of appreciation like these were seen in the Brazilian market since 2015. Therefore, this resumption of growth in the sector is more than welcome.


Returning to the comparison with other world cities, São Paulo has a value per square meter lower than that of capitals such as those mentioned above. A gap that can reach up to ⅔ if compared, for example, Chicago.


São Paulo, the business capital


Brazil’s relevance in the Latin American and the global scenario is undeniable, and one of the main reasons is the city of São Paulo. The largest business hub in Latin America stands out for hosting the world’s largest multinationals in its territory.


With the largest stock exchange in Latin America, the B3, São Paulo is a reference for investments in the real estate sector, housing the most expensive square meter in the country, on Faria Lima Avenue.


Cradle of the largest financial and related companies in the market, it is a business synonymous, which means that, that investors investment is profitable and safe when they invest in this location.


Therefore, when people think of FIIs that own properties located in these almost 5 km of extension, it is to be part of the country’s profitability cauldron.


 How to seize this opportunity


Blockchain technology makes it possible for interested parties around the globe to be part of investments, opening the door to the democratization of the real estate sector through asset tokenization.


Real estate market with global reach = real estate tokenization


In this sense, the forerunner of this innovation is Kodo Assets. In this project it is possible to obtain tokens from a property located in the heart of Faria Lima. This is the opportunity that the crypto market has been waiting for famous wallet balancing.



It is an investment backed by a property that, in addition to the profitability of quotas, produces receivables in stablecoin. The token that is referred here is KODO1, it is responsible for ensuring that the issuance of security tokens is in line with the total supply of the offer.


The location of a property that will undergo tokenization is essential to ensure the best cost-benefit associated with interested parties. Therefore, the choice of this first location was made after the return equation, along with the available opportunities that provide the best result.


Follow each step of the development and more information about how this disruptive market works through the project’s social media, community and podcast.


More information, please visit Kodo Asset website at https://www.kodoassets.com/


About Kodo Assets


Kodo Assets is a Brazil based Real-Estate Tokenization driven company that aims to introduce a new way of investing in real estate. Kodo believes that everyone can be part not only of a great investment model, in a transparent and secure way, but also live the future today!


The great potential for blockchain to establish trust and create a safe environment brought Kodo to imagine what the great potential of crypto-assets could bring when aligned with the real estate market in São Paulo. After this market grew by 20% in 2021 Kodo Assets was born.


Media Contact:

Name: Rafael Motta

Email: help@kodoassets.com

City: São Paulo

Country: Brazil

Website: https://www.kodoassets.com/

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Fortune Global Wealth journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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