Zima Bank Announces Expansion into Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Financial Services

Eze, French Riviera, France, 11th Jul 2024As the world shifts towards digital solutions, Zima Bank has announced a significant expansion into comprehensive cryptocurrency financial services, reinforcing its position as a frontrunner in international business banking. Established in 2021 in Èze, French Riviera, Zima Bank now offers an unparalleled suite of traditional and cryptocurrency financial services, seamlessly integrated into a single platform.

Comprehensive Financial Services

Zima Bank’s extensive product range is tailored to meet the diverse needs of both corporate and individual clients. The bank provides services such as opening and managing corporate and individual IBANs, handling SEPA & SWIFT multi-currency transfers, payment processing, bank acquiring, and structuring OTC deals. This holistic approach ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions, catering to modern financial management needs.

Leading in Regulatory Compliance and Security

Operating as a financial operator of the Central Bank of Lithuania, Zima Bank adheres to stringent regulatory standards, ensuring full compliance with EUPL, FATCA, and FINTRAC. This commitment to regulatory excellence underscores Zima Bank’s dedication to providing secure and trustworthy services, safeguarding clients’ assets, and maintaining high operational standards.

Strategic Partnerships and Market Presence

Zima Bank’s rapid growth is bolstered by strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Zen, Binance Pay, InterCash, and DECTA. These collaborations enhance Zima Bank’s service offerings, providing clients with robust payment solutions and seamless liquidity. Additionally, alliances with Cointelegraph, MMPro Trust, and WOW Summit amplify Zima Bank’s market presence, positioning it as a leader in the global financial landscape.

Tokenized Future with $ZIMA

Embracing blockchain technology, Zima Bank has introduced its native token, $ZIMA. With a total supply of 200 million tokens, $ZIMA offers clients opportunities to reduce transaction fees and earn BTC through staking. This innovative approach not only streamlines transactions but also opens new avenues for investment and financial growth.

“Today, traditional banking is being transformed into a diversified, complex mechanism. Modern banks need to learn how to manage virtual assets while at the same time remaining compliance relevant to traditional businesses and regulators,” said Alex Martazov, CEO at Zima Bank. Martazov, who also serves as the President of the European Banking Monitoring Association (EBMA), an association that has been dealing with banking and payment licenses for more than 15 years, highlights Zima Bank’s capability to adapt to new fintech challenges.

Q&A: Understanding Zima Bank’s Unique Offerings

What sets Zima Bank apart from other neobanks?

Zima Bank distinguishes itself through its dual focus on traditional and cryptocurrency financial services, seamless integration, and a robust regulatory framework. This unique combination ensures comprehensive and secure banking solutions tailored to the modern business landscape.

How does Zima Bank ensure the security of transactions and assets?

Zima Bank employs advanced security measures, including two-factor authentication, encryption, and compliance with international regulatory standards. These protocols safeguard clients’ transactions and assets, providing peace of mind and operational security.

What benefits does the $ZIMA token offer to clients?

The $ZIMA token enables clients to reduce transaction fees and earn BTC through staking. This innovative feature enhances financial flexibility and provides additional investment opportunities, reflecting Zima Bank’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for client benefits.

About Zima Bank

Zima Bank, established in 2021 in Èze, French Riviera, is a leading provider of comprehensive financial services, including traditional and cryptocurrency solutions. Operating under the regulatory framework of the Central Bank of Lithuania, Zima Bank is committed to maintaining high standards of security and regulatory compliance. Through strategic partnerships and innovative technology, Zima Bank offers efficient, secure, and versatile banking solutions tailored to modern business needs. For direct fast and quick information, please visit the social links below;

For more information and media inquiries please contact at email: contact@zimabank.com

Media Contact

Organization: Zima Bank

Contact Person: Alex Martazov, CEO

Website: https://zimabank.com/

Email: contact@zimabank.com

City: Èze, French Riviera

Country: France

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