Multichain is the Future of Crypto, and “Any Inu” is Here to Lead the Way

United States, 2nd Apr 2024 – Any Inu ($AI), a new entrant in cryptocurrency, has started to draw attention with its unique approach of being a multichain meme coin. Launched at the beginning of 2024 just over three months ago by “AnyToshi” project founder who is an MIT graduate, it operates across over 17 blockchains so far, including major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Base and more earning its name as “Any Inu.” With Axelar’s Interchain service as its leash, $AI hops from chain to chain with ease.

One of the key features of Any Inu is its straightforward and transparent model. It has avoided expected launch strategies such as presales and whitelists, opting for a model that does not impose taxes on transactions. This approach has contributed to a quickly growing base of over 50,000 holders. The project has a total supply of 421 billion tokens, fully circulated across the supported blockchains, promoting equality and fairness within its ecosystem.

Central to Any Inu’s ethos emphasizes community engagement and utility. The project underpins this through the Diamond Hands app, a platform that rewards holders for loyalty. Introducing a Diamond Hand Leaderboard DApp is anticipated to add a new layer of engagement by rewarding long-term investors.

The roadmap for “Any Inu” is ambitious, planning to extend its reach to more blockchains, introduce non-EVM chain support, and launch various interchain utilities. These initiatives aim to improve the user experience and expand the project’s utility, including the rollout of composable interchain NFTs and gaming integrations.

Unlike typical meme coins, “Any Inu” aims to carve out a distinctive niche by combining technological advancements with a strong community focus. Its strategy includes traversing over 17 EVM chains and Solana, providing users broad access to digital assets through its platform.

The project maintains an active online presence, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter (or X), with the handle @AnyInuCoin and through its website These platforms are hubs for community interaction, updates, and a shared space for enthusiasts.

As “Any Inu” continues to develop, setting to be on a total of 60 Blockchains by the end of 2024, it presents a potential growth path within the crypto market, characterized by its multi-blockchain approach and emphasis on strong community. With a relatively low market cap and significant ambitions, the project seeks to expand its influence and utility in cryptocurrency.

“Any Inu” invites investors, technology enthusiasts, and the wider community to visit to explore what it offers. By focusing on transparent practices, technological utility, and a strong sense of community, Any Inu aims to maintain and grow its position in the cryptocurrency market.


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“Any Inu” ($AI) is a meme coin initiative that stands out for its operation across multiple blockchain platforms and its commitment to creating a transparent, engaging community for its holders. Founded recently, it quickly asserts a distinctive position in the cryptocurrency sector through user-centric features and extensive blockchain integration.

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